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Unstoppable Lithuania?

Undefeated hosts roll over Japan

Published 26.04.2018 00:54 GMT+3 | Author Henrik Manninen
Unstoppable Lithuania? Unstoppable Lithuania?
Japan proved to be no match as Lithuania scores six. / Photo: Sarunas Mazeika / Photo: Sarunas Mazeika
Lithuania called the tune from start to finish for a resounding 6-1 win against Japan to remain top of the standings in the Division I Group B.


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Leaving it late

Estonia hits winner with 53 seconds left

Published 25.04.2018 20:02 GMT+3 | Author Henrik Manninen
Leaving it late Leaving it late
Estonia's Riho Embrich #19 celebrates after his goal downed Romania / Photo: Sarunas Mazeika
Excitement right until the very end as Riho Embrich breaks Romanian hearts as a lone goal is needed to separate the two teams.


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First win for Croatia

Upsets odds as Ukraine is beaten

Published 25.04.2018 20:12 GMT+3 | Author Henrik Manninen
First win for Croatia First win for Croatia
Ivan Puzic #5 of Croatia battles for the puck against Ukraine's Andri Mikhnov #8 / Photo: Sarunas Mazeika
A first frame goal burst lifts Croatia to their first win in Div. 1B. When Ukraine eventually sparked into life it proved to be all in vain.


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